What is Classical Guitar?

These words infer a triple meaning. One: Classical is a style period within visual art, dance, architecture, and music. Most scholars today fuse the Classical Period and the Romantic Era into one entity stemming from 1750-1900. The Classical/ Romantic Era has specific musical stylistic characteristics associated with it. Two: for guitar, it defines a specific technique or way the guitar is played physically. How one sits, holds their hands, and the type of instrument that they play. Three: A Classical Guitar is an acoustic guitar (in some ways like a steel string acoustic guitar, but with different dimensions and uses nylon strings). An acoustic guitar requires no amplification to be performed.

Why Classical Guitar at SB ARTS?

The study of Classical Guitar provides a student, whether beginning or experienced, with the best possible foundation development. Music literacy is also fused into the pedagogy, as students will learn all types of guitar notation. Standard staff notation, Tablature, and Historic Tablatures from the Medieval and Renaissance Periods including French, Italian, and German. Ergonomically, the student learns the best way to support their physical frame thereby establishing free hands. Our program is rich in experience, and offers students many opportunities for growth with opportunities for ensemble playing and public performance. The goal of our Guitar Program is to guide students to their own personal goals and choice of music styles they wish to pursue, as studying the Classical Guitar prepares a clear path forward. Ultimately, the study of music is a performance based art, whether a student’s goal is to play for themselves or to offer their gift to community services and performances.

30 minute Lessons$50.00
45 minute Lessons$75.00
60 minute Lessons$100.00

Meet our Classical Guitar Instructors

Jaime Guitz

Jaime Guitz is an accomplished concert pianist and experienced teacher for students of all ages. Jaime is also an accomplished guitarist and guitar instructor currently accepting beginner guitar students. He received his B.A. in Music, a minor in jazz and his M.M. in Pedagogy of piano from George Mason University.

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Scott Schwertfeger

Scott Schwertfeger received his B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies combining Music Performance and Music History from West Liberty State College, studying Classical Guitar technique with Dr. Nels Leonard, student and friend of Andres Segovia.

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