Music Theory

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Intro to Music Theory

This six-week course will use the Circle of Fifths to lay the foundation for recognizing and writing major and minor key signatures. Students will learn to identify intervals both visually and aurally, and then use those intervals to build and understand chords and their functions.

This class is geared toward those in grade 6 through adult looking to grasp the fundamentals of music theory, from practicing key signatures to reading lead sheets!

Class will meet on Friday afternoon at 6pm.
Session 1: September 6 - October 11
Session 2: October 18 - November 22

Music Theory is also offered as one-on-one private instruction. Click here for more information.

Meet Our Music Theory Instructor

Katrina King Nicholson

Katrina King Nicholson is a native of upstate New York with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a doctorate from the Shenandoah Conservatory. She is the winner of numerous competitions in the Rochester and Cleveland areas and has performed as soloist with groups including the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Finger Lakes Symphony Orchestra, Case Baroque Orchestra, and Cleveland Institute of Music …

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