The Columbia Foundation manages the endowment for the SBARTS through PayPal


Inspiring a love for the arts is the core mission of SB ARTS

It was also the life passion of Sharyn Byer. Prior to her passing, Sharyn expressed a vision to see our Institute of Fine Arts not only reach Northern Virginia, but in fact, have an impact that would reach around the world. For over 26 years, the institute has developed a strong tradition of musical excellence, but Sharyn saw so much more potential and dreamed of the day when the Falls Church campus would build a premier Fine Arts Performance Center that would be an inspiration to all who enter its doors. In order to accomplish her dream a two - part endowment has been set up in her memory.

All gifts given to this endowment will be split evenly between two goals


the building of a premier Fine Arts Performance Center


and an emergency operating fund

Developmental plans are underway for this new performing arts space

Can you imagine a space that is acoustically and aesthetically pleasing to the arts? Can you imagine a place where the students of SB ARTS are able to experience not only performing themselves, but also experience concerts and theatrical productions from world class artists? Sharyn could see this and so much more.


The second aspect of the Endowment

The second aspect of the Endowment is to develop a fund that provides for the continued existence of the institute regardless of what downturn our economy faces. As we exit the Covid 19 pandemic, the institute was extremely fortunate that it not only survived, but it thrived. We came out stronger than when we entered, but we never know when the next economic challenge will come. The Byer family’s desire is for the institute to remain healthy and focus on the students regardless of what economic challenges may come.

The Columbia Foundation manages the endowment for the Sharyn Byer Institute for Fine Arts.

You can make your donation to the Institute by either giving online at our paypal page, or by making your check payable to the Columbia Foundation and listing SBARTS in the memo field.

You can also make gifts of stock, give through your donor-advised fund or retirement fund via email.